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Information about your third term

Your elective term - tailor your education!

The third term is an opportunity for you make a personal footprint in your master’s degree.

Maybe you would like to get a taste of the life after graduation by doing an internship? Or maybe you prefer to dig deeper into your discipline and take courses, preparing for the master’s thesis, and Phd-studies? Or, then again, maybe you would like to add a new field to your competencies by studying at another faculty?

If you decide to take courses, a world of opportunities are available to you. You can choose to apply for exchange studies in Australia and New Zealand, Asia, South and North America, Europe and the Nordic countries. The Faculty of Social Sciences has exchange agreements with top-ranked universities around the world.

You can also apply for courses at Graduate School (profile or elective courses) or other departments at Lund University or another Swedish university. You apply for the courses at Lund University and other Swedish universities at

And, of course you can apply for courses as a free mover at a recognised university anywhere in the world. If there are tuition fees, you have to pay for them yourself.

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